Lead Generation - inbound Marketing 




Know where you want your business to go.

We start with establishing SMART goals for your company or department. From there, we define your ideal clients. Then the fun begins!

Too often, we come into contact with organizations that have no concept or strategy for their marketing.

Effective marketing needs to:

  • Begin with strategy
  • Outline goals
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

From there, and only once there is an understanding of each of these elements, do we start moving forward with a campaign.



Planning your campaign is not something we take lightly. We develop a marketing strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals. But, taking the time to help you understand the steps necessary to be successful, is part of our mission every day.

Let's face it, there are hundreds of companies who are looking to be the "leader" in your profession. Knowing what it will take in order to come out on top is the first step. From there, we need to build the right foundation to set you up for success. It all starts with our Inbound Marketing RoadMap, and from there we outline the short-term strategies that are needed to create a foundation for all of your future campaigns.



Generating traffic is the most important part of your Inbound Marketing campaign.

While it's often overlooked, traffic generation is the starting point of your inbound strategy. By attracting more qualified traffic, the conversion rates of your marketing will skyrocket.

At Impulse Creative, we determine the strategy and tools we use to get more traffic on a case by case basis. By backward-analyzing your customer's journey we look at opportunities to build offers and determine where your prospective customers are "hanging out" on the Web.

Almost like mining a vein, once we determine where your prospects are spending time online, we can help you begin to build relationships that turn your target audience into qualified traffic, leads, and ultimately customers.



Just having a website is not enough to have leads rolling in. Understanding your Buyer Personas and their individual buying process will allow you to increase the number of qualified leads for your business.

Many companies come to us because they are not seeing any ROI from their Internet marketing efforts. Often, clients may be generating traffic but struggle to generate the qualified leads that their sales people are seeking.

By digging deep into your companies buyer persona's or target markets for your products or services we uncover opportunities to begin converting leads.

We look for opportunities that are split up among 3 main categories of the buyers journey. The Learners at the top of the sales funnel (ToFu), the Shoppers in the middle (MoFu), and the Buyers at the bottom of the sales funnel (BoFu).

By creating content that speaks to each of those types of prospects, we will increase the conversion rate of your website and turn visitors into leads.



Imagine a world where people are lining up at your door, waiting for you to sign them up.

Unlike many Internet marketing companies, our job doesn't stop at lead generation. Our goal is to generate more customers for our clients. This is where ROI really starts to shine. Let's face it, marketing exists because businesses want to get more customers.

Inbound marketing is an effective, measurable way for clients to grow their business. Our goal is to utilize techniques and implement marketing strategies to make the sales department's job easier and close customers more efficiently.



We want to make sure that you have a fundamental understanding of your sites analytics. We care about more than just the traffic to your site, we want to know how the data ties into all of your marketing initiatives.

Building out campaigns is the easy part, what you want to be able to connect is how the work we do in the beginning provides a desired outcome for your business. By establishing the right goals and expectations in the beginning we can compare the goals with the actual results.

We hold true to the mantra "If it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make cents"

While organic rankings can take time, connecting the expectations, the goals and understanding the data will allow you to make informed decisions for your company, and for your marketing as a whole.


Search Optimization (SEO)

We offer a refreshingly transparent and strategic approach to online success through sound Search Engine Optimization. Our search marketing solutions

provide quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for our clients across the United States and around the world. Our deep technical knowledge and demonstrated expertise make us a go to for SEO. Grow your online visibility and drive your website revenues with our effective SEO services.


Paid Advertising with Facebook and Google

Facebook Ads

If your website is your online sales representative, then social media is your company’s brand personality. It gives existing and prospective customers a peek behind the curtain and allows you to connect with them on a personal level. It builds relationships and trust and, in many cases, is your customer service platform.

Contrary to what most business owners believe, Facebook and other social media platforms can boost your bottom line. Aside from generating qualified leads, you’re building a relationship with the people who have used your services and increasing the chance they’ll become lifelong customers.

Facebook advertising services and ad management are low-cost to run and can be specifically targeted to the audience that you want to reach. Our social media marketing specialists begin every new Facebook advertising campaign by analyzing your current customer audience and social presence. If you’ve run ads before, we collect baseline data to better determine your current return on ad spend and put together a game plan to produce maximum results for the lowest cost.

Google Adwords

If you’re using PPC Advertising, chances are you’re wasting a lot of money and don’t even know it. Don’t settle for high costs and low conversion rates! Let our Experts eliminate wasteful spend and drive more high-quality traffic to your site.

Our Difference

Our approach to PPC is simple: No matter how much you spend, buy the most valuable traffic first. Our fanatical focus on earning you more money produces real results for our PPC advertising clients:

  • More Traffic – We build, tune and manage campaigns that consistently drive more traffic at the same or lower cost.
  • Better Traffic – We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Our campaign setup and management strategies find more of the highly-qualified traffic that our clients really want.
  • Lower Costs – We’re specialists in identifying and reducing wasteful PPC spending. There’s no reason to pay more per click or acquisition than you have to.
  • Higher Return – It’s the high ROI our campaigns achieve that makes our clients look like rock stars to their boards and bosses. We build campaigns that are effective, efficient, and driven by business goals.
  • Fast Project Payback – Our Google AdWords Accelerator projects pay for themselves quickly, often within the first month.